Optional Activities

BlueSky is about making get aways how you like them and with what you want to do.  Kalgoorlie has a long list of amazing activities but here are a few BlueSky organised activities you might like to take part in.  We have made sure all activities are fun and amazing value for money.

Don't wait to long - each event only has limited tickets and will sell out fast!

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People and connection is such an important part of travel and what better way to learn about Kalgoorlie than from the locals themselves?  Join BlueSky and the Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie for a delicous buffet meal at the 123 year old Palace Hotel with local community memembers, including special guest Mayor John Bowler.


All funds raised from the dinner, including $5 from every ticket, go towards the 'Lift the Lid on Mental Illness' - Australian Rotary Health’s National annual fundraising day for mental health research.  Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia.

BlueSky offers you a day trip to see Australia’s largest outdoor gallery on Lake Ballard called INSIDE AUSTRALIA.  


The Lake Ballard salt lake holds 51 sculptures by Turner Prize-winning artist Antony Gormley which are all derived from laser scans of Menzies inhabitants.  They are then cast in an alloy containing molybdenum, vanadium and titanium, materials that are found in the Achaean rock of Western Australia.


After enjoying some art and the stunning lake, we will have lunch at the iconic Menzies Hotel (self purchased).


Come and enjoy the Kalgoorlie Golf Course - a premier, 18 hole grass golf course designed by top course designer Graham Marsh. Currently ranked #18 in Australia's top 100 Public access courses.  The Goldfields Golf Club also offers you a special invite to take part in the weekend's competitions.

Chose which day you would like to play - Saturday or Sunday....but remember you will need to be back at the airport by 4:00pm on Sunday!

This tour is not to be missing and is exclusively for BlueSky passengers!  Experience the beautiful Karlkurla bushland and the incredible 200 hectares of regrowth bushland just outside of Kalgoorlie. 


You will be guided by locals learning about local culture, history, fora and fauna. You will also learn about local bush tucker and medicine! The small BlueSky group will be guided along the busk tracks and visit the wildlife lookout to discover the abundant birdlife and animals that inhabit the area. 


The tour will end with a delicious morning tea prepared over the open fire including home-made damper, quandong jam, billie tea/coffee! The bushland is continuing to regenerate. Visitors can help continue the regeneration project by collecting Karlkurla seeds from the tourist centre and scattering them in the designated areas.

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