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Help needed for ROCstar Steph's  African mission

ROCstar Steph Haynes' passion for lions is unwavering - she never misses an opportunity to tell us how much she loves them and why they need our help. After a busy year of fundraising with Steph's Big Cat Conservation Quest (SBCCQ), Steph and her brother Martin will be heading to South Africa in a few weeks then on to Johannesburg to join the Love Lions Alive project for a couple of weeks of volunteering. They will be joined by Katherine Madej, Steph's friend, vet nurse and conservationist with the trio also planning to spend time with the White Lions Trust.

Donations needed

While in South Africa, Steph and her team will be visiting school children in Hoedspruit and would like to take a bunch of school items with them. They have the ability to take 40kg, so if you are able to donate anything, please contact Angy Haynes ASAP on 0403 780 280.

Car Rally Prizes needed

Planning for Steph's car rally on Sunday 20th November is also well underway which is fantastic to hear! Check out the details in the flyer attached, as well as the link which takes you direct to the ticket booking site.

The event team are seeking donations of prizes for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Last place winners. If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact Angy on the above. Cash donations are also welcome. Most importantly, we would love to see you all in your cars participating on the day. For a copy of the FLYER, please click here.

To BOOK YOUR TICKETS click here.

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