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Meet Carolyn Stratton - our newest ROCstar

Carolyn Stratton has recently been inducted as a member of ROC, although she is not new to rotary at all. Her daughter Emily was involved with the Rotary Youth Exchange program and last year Carolyn's family hosted a German student as part of the reciprocal program. Carolyn says it's been extraordinary to see how rotary has had such a positive impact on the young adults she knows, being able to obtain a more mature and global outlook on life. This was partly the reason for Carolyn wanting to become involved personally - that and the fact she is impressed with ROC's younger outlook on rotary and progressive style. Married with 3 grown children, her son is living and working in Canada and one of her daughters is on a gap year from Melbourne University, travelling in South America. Emily, her youngest is studying journalism at Curtin. While Carolyn doesn't officially work anymore, she is kept busy with her family, meeting up with them around the world. It's a long way from her "past life" spent working in Switzerland as a Biochemist, and then later in finance working for BP in Melbourne. Carolyn was working in marketing prior to having children, then goes on to explain that she set up a property rental business "when the children came along". It's this last statement which we think will make everyone gasp for air and just a tad over-excited!! If Carolyn was brave enough to start a business while also trying to raise children, then we think she might be able to teach us all a thing or two about time management and getting things done! Welcome aboard, Carolyn!

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