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ROC's own Dr. Love

A gentle and unassuming RoCstar, Jan Resnick isn't one to talk much about himself. But we've recently discovered a host of interesting things about one of our long time members we're eager to share.

Did you know that after 100 published articles and papers, Jan's first book "How Two Love" was recently published in 2016?See and

Secondly, Dr Jan has a Phd, accomplished during his 17 years in London where he trained and practiced. For some light reading, look-up Jan's dissertation – "The Psychosomatic Metaphor and subtitled The Poetics of Healing" – based on his therapeutic work with people suffering from recurrent, often resistant, medical conditions, Lucky for us, Perth is now home, where he is a couples counsellor and marital therapist.

Thirdly, is Jan's quite profound contribution to the communities he’s called home over the years. He founded and ran two mental health and education charities in England; one in Oxford and one in London. In Perth he founded children's charity Australia Dreaming and a fourth charity - The Churchill Clinic (Inc.) – also a nationally accredited, registered training organisation, which he ran for 18 years until 2008.

In his spare time, Jan was the founding President of the Psychotherapists & Counsellors Association of Western Australia (Inc.), incorporated in 1992.

What does Jan read for pleasure you ask? Great question - Well he also happens to be on the Editorial Advisory Board of the national journal "Psychotherapy." So since 1994 we're thinking a lot of journal articles, including the many he has written.

There's a whole lot more to share and as our in-house expert on one of the most important things in life - connecting with each other – we're convinced Jan needs to speak at a club breakfast.

If you would like to learn more about Jan, click here ( for more.

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