Rotary of Crawley in partnership with Cobham Aviation Services brings you BlueSky, an environmentally conscious way to explore and discover domestic destinations whilst supporting regional communities.  BlueSky is ROC's main fundraising activity with all funds raised going to community service projects,  other charities and not-for-profits.


BlueSky encourages regional tourism that supports local industry and builds our connection with this beautiful state, country and people.  When putting a trip together, we work closely with the local community to develop your itinerary.  This means we are able to offer unique, and often exclusive experiences to BlueSky passengers that are not only fun, but provide connection and insight into local life, culture and history.

We work hard to support local small businesses through the purchase of the goods and services we need to run our trips and also encourage our passengers to do the same.  We also aim to provide fundraising opportunities for charities by providing goods and services, for instance, the local St John Ambulance volunteers putting on morning tea.  With every decision me make we aim to maximise a positive impact.   


 All profits raised by BlueSky goes to charity.  The Rotary Club of Crawley is BlueSky’s major beneficiary who uses the funds to support important community projects including youth empowerment, community relief support and global health initiatives.  Certain BlueSky trips also support specific charitable causes such as BlueSky Broome Pride support of Copeland LGBTI crisis accommodation.   BlueSky also contributes significantly to charities and not-for-profits in the destinations we visit. 

Environmental sustainability is also at the center of every BlueSky project. We offset the carbon emissions resulting from your flight by approximately 200%, by planting native forests which reduce the impacts of climate change. We also source products which are sustainable such as plant based compostable plastics.  We understands that a strong community is only possible with a strong natural environment.

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