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2018/2019 Executive Committee

President Catriona Ferrie

Past President Jaap Poll

President Elect Regan Ashley

President Nominee Karin Borzel

Secretary Karin Borzel

Club Services Jean Ryan

Strategy & Development Maxwell Watkins

Media and Communications Danielle Kabilio

Projects Aseem Maroo

Youth Services Jaap Poll

Vocation/Professional Michele Alexander

Rotary Foundation Jaap Poll

President Nominee Karin Borzel

Who do I ask?


I want to attend a ROC meeting: secretary@rotarycrawley.org

I want to add something to the newsletter: comms@rotarycrawley.org

I want to communicate something at the ROC meeting: secretary@rotarycrawley.org

I have a fundraising idea: strategy@rotarycrawley.org

I want to see the ROC calendar: clubservices@rotarycrawley.org 

I want to help more with the club: president@rotarycrawley.org

I need to pay my membership: secretary@rotarycrawley.org

I need help with Clubrunner: secretary@rotarycrawley.org

I know of a great speaker: clubservices@rotarycrawley.org 

I want to do a ROC Talk: roctalk@rotarycrawley.org 

I have an idea for a project:  projects@rotarycrawley.org

I want to recommend a change/update to the website: comms@rotarycrawley.org