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David Goldstone Scholarship Program


Socially conscious leadership is something that Rotary of Crawley is passionate about supporting and developing, especially amongst our youth. Equally important to us is the question of equity. We want to ensure that our potential leaders of tomorrow have access and opportunity for development, regardless of their financial means, and that is why we have created the David Goldstone Scholarship (DGS) Program.


This is not your ‘run of the mill’ leadership program. The scholarships are named in honour of the late David Goldstone, whose vision and belief in the potential of youth led to their establishment. This is about supporting high calibre students, young professionals, Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities to become our leaders of tomorrow and to give back to the community and we have just the right people, program, networks and support to do it.  ​​

What We Do

We offer young people (18-25) opportunities to develop in terms of interpersonal, leadership, and project management skills, and to enjoy the shared experiences of networking, social activities and mentoring with business and community leaders.


We acknowledge that one of the biggest barriers to young people engaging in Rotary and being able to undertake this truly unique learning and development experience is the financial cost of the annual membership and the weekly cost of our breakfast meetings, that’s why we need corporate youth sponsors. We want to remove the financial barriers so that young people are given leadership opportunities at the beginning of their careers. 

How It Works

The DGS program focuses on Scholar's future professional aspirations and the role that Rotary can play in supporting professional development. In addition, it provides opportunities for Scholars to support Rotary's motto of Service Above Self through:


  • professional contribution back to Rotary (marketing, finance, MCing, project management, etc) 

  • community service

  • project development/delivery

  • involvement in District events, etc


Though some exceptions may apply, scholarships are available to individuals who are 18-25 and are either: 


  • a current undergraduate or post graduate university student under the age of 25

  • a young person in their first full time job earning less than $60,000p.a. 

  • a young person seeking employment in their chosen field with a strong passion to serve community

  • a young person unable to work and/or are working with a disability earning less than $60,000p.a.

  • a young entrepreneur 

  • a young aspiring employee under 25 from the sponsoring company.


Applications will be assessed by a small panel of Rotarians, and are awarded on a financial year basis. Successful applicants will become associate members of Rotary of Crawley and have the total cost of every breakfast meeting they attend in the first year covered. 


This is re-evaluated for their subsequent future years. Each applicant for the scholarship makes a commitment to attend no less than 50% of our meetings and become involved in our club and its projects. We meet every second Thursday for dinner at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start at the UWA Club.


We hope that you are at the beginning of a life-long association with Rotary and the community, and look forward to receiving an application from you. 

Applications Open

Interested in the David Goldstone Scholarship? Apply now!

Applications close 28th May 2023.


More information is available for download via the button below. Additionally, any queries can be directed to the Scholarship Director at

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