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Breakfast Update - Thursday 6th October

AT BREAKFAST THIS WEEK, speaker Akram Azimi, former Australian of the Year - and ROCstar - surprised guests by sharing the stage with some of the students whom he has been mentoring since winning his prestigious award. Jack, Nathan, Rafe and Sidarth, from Scotch College, gave brief presentations on topics which they have been researching under Akram's leadership this year: homelessness, sanitation, GMO's & sexual harassment. Akram credited ROC for helping to get him where he is today, talking about the opportunities which opened up to him after winning a ROC Scholarship and being mentored by Club members. He said that he really wanted to show ROC that he was "paying it forward" by passing on the lessons and opportunities which he had been given.

The quality of the students' presentations was wonderful with each one delivered to a high standard. The event provided a great segway for our next speaker presentation in 2 weeks - the Four Way Test Competition. You will be relieved to know that the girls got their opportunity to speak as well! Catriona Ferrie, Deb Royle,Katie Stone, Annie Wearne and Lisa Rossi all provided updates on the events and projects they are working on - details below. Special thanks must go to all the wonderful donations received this week for the raffle to be held at the Inferno movie night, as well as the donations which have started to stream in for the Street Doctor. With such a bumper newsletter this week, we really only have time for one more message which we are remaining tight-lipped on...and that is, we have a brand new communication platform for ROC which will be ready in the next few weeks. We can't say more than that for now but we promise you it is exciting.

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