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Speaker Review: Sherryl Fisher & Dismantle

Sherryl Fisher was an inspiring speaker on a topic we are all aware of but find we can't do much about, namely the inequality of women. From the day they're born girls are treated as not being equal to boys and this extends into their adult life with unequal pay and reduced opportunities! Most women accept this as their lot on the outside while raging on the inside and it was encouraging to see a woman who is doing something about it. Sherryl's company Outback Initiatives is giving women the opportunity to empower themselves and believe in themselves, something that has been and still is sadly lacking even in our so called democratic modern society. Yes women can do anything, be anything and succeed in any field they choose but we need to have men champion us, guys we can't do it alone, we need you!! As Sherryl said she is a feminist but she most definitely is not a man hater, we need to work together to make an equatable society.

So just to round this off I admire the work of Dismantle and I'm glad we are helping them through our Fund Raiser "One in a Million".

The breakfast was great and our guest speakers were great. I would have loved to have had time to ask Sherryl some questions, however the guys from Dismantle were next up to speak. Were we to allow more time to both, we might even have got more value from wisdom and experience of either!

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