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The “One in a Million” Ripple Effect

Karin Borzel

People are asking, “What is the ONE in a MILLION event all about?” The answer to this is three-fold.

First, the idea grew out of the desire to recognise people, either from the community or Rotarians, who epitomised the Rotary motto of “Services above Self”;

Second, we wanted to create a positive social event where we could connect and collaborate with other local Rotary Clubs and like-minded members; and,

Third, we wanted to create a simple opportunity to bring awareness to a cause of which we had the potential to impact the life of at least one young person, right then and there.

This year ROC is proud to be connecting with Rotary of Bay View Claremont, to highlight DISMANTLE, a charity that, through its Bike Rescue program, uses hands-on bike mechanics as a vehicle for outreach and mentoring to enable at-risk young people to reach their potential.

Come join us for a night of Champagne and Canapés as we raise awareness and funds towards positively impacting the life of at least one young person.

Cost: $50 (excl, sc) till March 10th

$60 (excl. sc) thereafter

Tickets available through a ROCstar or via Eventbrite:

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