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Charlie's Angels in Bali

On Monday 24 April, Deb, Katie and Lea visited a Window to the World school in Lovina, a 4 hour drive across Bali, to strengthen relationships with the staff and teachers and to view the newly landscaped gardens paid for with funds raised through ROC. The landscaping was provided at cost by one of the student’s fathers, and included raised garden beds which also act as barriers to snakes entering the grounds from the surrounding rice fields.

On Tuesday 25 April the gardens were ‘opened’ with a special tree planting by Debra and principal Decky Aldrin. This was followed by the students placing labels next to each tree indicating the plant’s name. The teachers will continue providing activities to reinforce the names of the plants and caring for the garden.

Whilst at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday we also assisted in the classrooms and Lea did some drama activities with the children which they loved. We look forward to visiting the school again in the near future.

A relationship was established with the Window to the World school in Lovina, on the north coast of Bali, over twelve months ago. ROC registered the school as a RAWCS project, committing to raise funds over a two year period. Movies and raffles have been the main fundraising activities to date and in June we will host two Bunnings BBQs to raise funds for blinds and computers at the school. We will also apply for a Rotary District Grant in 2017-18.

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