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Breakfast Update - Thursday 20th October

For most people, public speaking is something we steer away from. It's not something we jump up and volunteer to do. But for this week's special guests from Kiara College - Maddie, Steven and Scott - they had to overcome whatever anxieties they were feeling, delivering three very insightful and passionate presentations as part of the Rotary Four-Way Test Competition. Coincidentally, two of the presenters chose to speak about 'bullying' - Scott provided a community perspective on how the wider population was being affected, while Steven gave a personal account, sharing with us his own experiences while growing up. Maddie on the other hand, chose to educate us about animal abuse, an issue which is close to her heart. Being a competition, there were prizes awarded. However, we all agreed that Maddie, Steven and Scott all exceeded in terms of effort. In attendance was teacher, Paula Jaksuck and Principal Anne Robinson who gave us some background to the efforts taken in the lead up to the event. President Peter Lawrance acknowledged the efforts of Annie Wearne and her Youth Team in preparing the students for the Competition. We would also like to thank Alecia Twigger, Karin Borzel and Regan Ashley who were involved in the judging and time-keeping for the event. We also heard updates from the Window to the World, Bali project. The movie fundraiser event for "Inferno" took place last night however, we will need to update you in the next issue as to how it all went. The colouring-in event received a welcome boost to its auction (details below), and Jaap Poll gave us an update of the Mens' Shed project he is involved with. Katie Stone spoke about Steph Haynes' African adventure (details are below) and, as a nice way to end our event, Jane Fletcher provided details of a FREE Grief Seminar being held on 9th November for those who are keen. It comes at a timely period for ROC when many of our members are dealing with grief in some way. For details, please CLICK HERE.

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