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Where's Steph?

If you're struggling to get through your Friday then you may want to wait until you have left the office before you read this - it could be demotivating if you have a busy afternoon ahead of you! Yes, that's right, Steph Haynes is living her passion, helping the lions of Africa, with her brother Martin. They are volunteering on a project with Love Lions Alive. The building (pictured) is being constructed for volunteer accommodation - Martin and Steph are working hard on the tools.

And take a closer look at this gorgeous lion cub above - it's one of the animals rescued by LLA, and will be lucky enough to live a happy and safe life as a result of the work of this great project. To READ about Steph's adventures, check out this cool blog HERE. And don't forget that the planned CAR RALLY ON SUNDAY 20TH NOVEBMBER will play a big part in helping with conservation of these amazing animals. For a copy of the FLYER, please click here. To BOOK YOUR TICKETS click here.

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