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Breakfast Update - 17th November

The world was turned upside down in 2001, when the twin towers in New York were targeted by terrorists. A year later we were thrust into another tragedy with the loss of lives in the Bali bombings in 2002. That day changed the lives of so many, including that of this week's speaker, Nick Way who was the Channel Ten reporter on the scene at the time. Nick recalled those terrible hours after the bombings and what transpired for him and those of the survivors he's been in contact with since then. Tragedy. Horror. Disbelief. Anger. Antony Svilicich was one of the survivors of the Bali bombings, having received burns to 60% of his body. He accompanied Nick in sharing with us his experience in coming to terms with the tragedy and their shared quest to help create a lasting memorial to everyone who lost their lives that day. The Bali Peace Park is being planned to be erected on the site where the bombings in Bali occurred. Nick and Antony asked for ROC and all rotarians to lend their support to spread the word to get as many people on board as possible. We are urging YOU to visit

the website - - and share this with your networks. Recalling the pain and suffering of those affected by the bombings reminded us all of the important job that rotarians are charged with to bring Peace to the world. Although our President, Peter Lawrance couldn't be there this week, his choice of video at the start of the breakfast was very fitting, showing how the simple act of 'giving back' can positively impact on bringing harmony and peace to the world. Stepping in as MC, Jaap Poll needs to be commended in running a very slick meeting in Peter's absence! Board member, Debra Royle advised members that ROC is looking for a new accountant and asked people to send her contact details of those who might be looking for pro bono work. She also provided an update on the 'Window to the World' School in Bali project, sharing plans to travel there in 2017 with interested volunteers keen to lend a hand at the school. Catriona Ferrie updated everyone on her donation drive to collect supplies for the Street Doctor (scroll below) and asked for continued support. Finally, there was an update from Jaap about the recent strategy meeting to talk about ways to strengthen the Club in 2017. A planned workshop is scheduled for 3 December to decide on specific actions and a plan-of-attack moving forward. Anyone keen to be involved should contact Lisa Rossi at

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