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ROC's Australia Day Picnic

It was a glorious morning with a soft breeze blowing across the water. Whilst pleasantly cool at 7:30am, there was already enough heat in the air to know it was going to be an absolute scorcher.

Cat and Karin were up early spreading picnic blankets on the foreshore to ensure we had the best spot. Several bottles of celebratory

champaign and orange juice provided the rallying point, around which 30 ROC stars and a few other family members gathered; all determined

to enjoy a breakfast barbecue.

Bacon, sausages and other essentials abounded but unfortunately no one had thought to bring some tongs! Thankfully Alecia saved the day by

producing an egg slice just in time allowing John (aka The Sausage Sizzle King) to cook everything while we enjoyed vibrant


It was great to be able to take the time to chat to everyone in a more relaxed atmosphere and fantastic to see so many people gathered

together to celebrate Australia Day.

It was such a successful day that it was unanimously decided that we

should do the same thing next year. Indeed, everyone was having such a

good time that the last people didn’t leave until just before 11:00.

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